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We met Anne Majors years ago when we lived in the same Mission Viejo Tract and who knew after living in our house for 22 years she would be the first person we turned to when we needed to sell to move out of state. Not only did we have our home to sell but we also had an investment condo in Rancho Santa Margarita we were renting out that would need to be sold. What impressed us about Anne was her knowledge, professional and most important was her honestly. During the selling process, Anne presented us with a targeted selling plan, with photos that highlighted the best-selling points of our home and since she once lived in the neighborhood she knew how to market it. She had such a great sense of design and talked about what the buyers were looking for and we knew that would come in real handy when we needed to sell the condo. Since we were selling property while living out of state (Texas) I expected some problems, but Anne monitored and controlled everything so well that it all went smoothly. Anne guided us throughout the process and made smart recommendations regarding pricing and updated us throughout the process on our home and condo. It was great to have her help during the negotiations because of her knowledge it all went better than we could have ever expected. Anne was also reachable and responded quickly to our emails and texts, no matter how trivial our questions were. She also handled the design and remodel with the condo and her choices within our budget were right on target because the condo sold in one day on the market. We would definitely recommend Anne to anyone looking to buy/sell a home, she will give you her honest opinion and you will be glad you reached out to her! John and Mary Imperial

- Anne Majors

We were moving our family out of state over the summer and wanted to sell our home quickly. Anne did thorough research on the market and wanted us to get a fair price for our home. She did an excellent job setting our expectations and was a trusted partner every step of the way. She went above and beyond what I expected an agent to do for a client, and treated our home as if it was her own. There were several little things that needed to be done while our house was vacant. Anne knew the resources we needed to get the work done and had their contact information at her fingertips. She is well connected and made sure every last detail was taken care of.

- Pam Thoni

We have had the pleasure of buying and selling with Anne. Anne was extremely professional, thoughtful, highly knowledgeable during both the home buying and selling processes. During the selling process, Anne presented us with a strategic home selling plan, including photos that highlighted the strong selling points of our home, recommendations to make our home look as appealing as possible, and marketing materials. She was able to put our home on the market within days of our consultation and in less than 48 hours, Anne had compiled multiple, strong buyers for our property. Anne walked us through the selling of our home with great care, thoroughly explaining every step of the process. Her communication was concise and clear and she was readily available at any time to field any questions or concerns that we had about the process. With her effort and support, we were able to close escrow quickly without any problems. During the purchase of two properties, Anne again exceeded all our expectations. She was constantly on the hunt for properties that suited the needs of our family. She was readily available to tour homes with us - and she got to know our needs so well that we entrusted her to preview homes without us. Every question was answered, every concern addressed; Anne truly had everything covered during the process. She was in constant contact with us and responded with updates and answers at lightning speed. She made the home purchasing process as painless and easy as possible on our family. And most importantly of all, Anne was an absolute joy to work with. She has the most infectious positive attitude. No matter what curve balls are thrown, she always offers a smiling face, comforting laugh, or shoulder to cry on. We cannot think of a better person to make the home buying/selling journey with. We will continue to use her service for all our future real estate needs.

- Meghan Tritt

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Anne Majors
Anne Majors

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